About MET Cranes

With 10+ years of experience, MET Cranes & Components is recognized as one of the leading customized solution provider for supplying and installing thousands of cranes, worldwide. Headquartered in Dubai, MET Cranes is a well-established and renowned name with a strong presence in the GCC, Levant and the Far East countries, offering lifting capacity of up to 500T in both European (ATEX) and Russian (GOST) standards.

Operating in exclusive partnership with some of the globally leading crane manufacturers based in Europe and India with 135 years of total expertise, MET Cranes is recognized for providing services in a number of sectors such as Explosion Proof and Offshore cranes for oilfield and refineries whilst maintaining highest standards of safety & reliability. Further, the Company offers remunerative after sales support and preventive maintenance contracts for all crane types, thereby diminishing the break down time for the cranes. They also provide services to modernize and refurbish cranes of all makes.

Since inception, their team of extremely competent, committed and Customer-oriented engineers, technicians & staff have ensured that not only do they meet, but also excel their buyer’s requirements. This optimistic attitude has peaked their growth and presence in multiple regions, globally.

Partners / Crane Manufacturers

Established as India’s most successful and respected crane manufacturer across different industrial segments with high-end quality and perfection. Today, Anupam is the largest overhead crane supplier in India with manufacturing capability of 45000TPA (ton per annum).

Anupam manufactures wide range of cranes in India for various applications to meet the requirements of core sectors in India and abroad - Steel, Power, Construction, Cement, Shipyard, Fertilizer and Petrochemical, Heavy & General Engineering. Within a span of 45 years, they have supplied and commissioned more than 5000 cranes up to 500T capacity, and the number is steadily growing. They have the capability to take care of a single contract of up to USD 150 million with an execution span of 18 to 24 months.

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PODEM is one of the leading suppliers of reliable wire rope hoists and other crane components for crane manufacturers (as OEM) and end users since last 55 years. Specializing in Oil & Gas, they are one of the strongest manufacturers of electrical wire rope/ Chain hoists in Central and Eastern Europe with 56 years of rich experience in the development and production of hoisting cranes with a capacity of up to 150T.

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One of the main producers and suppliers of cranes and lifting equipment in Norway, the MUNCK Group of companies consists of several wholly owned manufacturing plants, subsidiaries, licensee manufacturers and service centers located in Norway and several countries throughout the world. MUNCK has earned its reputation worldwide market through 92 years of rich experience in designing and building cranes, hoists for all the segments including hazardous (explosion-proof) & offshore area. Today MUNCK products are marketed in over 60 countries and considered a leader in the industry.

Continuous research and development programs together with the highest engineering skills, combined with the most modern production techniques ensure a product line for the future. Our wide range of products is offered through a widespread network of representatives and licensees backed up by after sales service and stock of spare parts locally. MUNCK has always been a leader in the industry and has pioneered numerous developments, which today have become standard for the crane and hoist industry. MUNCK consider material handling something more than just moving a load from one point to another. Their expertise and technical know-how presents the most economical solution to the customer’s specific needs, without sacrificing quality, reliability and safety. Maintenance costs and need for spare parts must also be kept to a minimum.

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